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Is Conceptualized as a full-fleged ERP Product that is positioned as an optimum solution for companies with both discrete and continuous manufacturing process.It offers dual deployment on the web as well as on client server technologies. It has features such as distributed OLTP, foolproof access privileges and security,authorisation layering using workflow techniques


  • Strabus ERP offers a modular design allowing for phased implementation with ease of upgradation from a core set of modules to full functionality.
  • A single-point data capture access across modules and locations provides a seamlessly integrated database.
  • Data maintained at four levels of hierarchy - Company,Division,Region and Location. Each company have multiple Divisions,each division multiple Regions and each Region multiple Locations.Each of these levels can be renamed to suit the user requirement.
  • Extensive checklists, audit trails with "who" columns and control functions built into the system in order to generate a high degree of reliability of information generated from the system.
  • Easy-to-read and complete documentation,consisting of both technical and user manuals provided with the application.Design and code made available to the user.
  • Enables installation at multiple sites and integration of data using E-mail or diskettes. This enables handling of transaction processing at various units,branch offices,depots, stock points and integrating company wide information.
  • Allows user-definable labels for screen items.
  • Allows entry of similar transactions under separate series to maintain uniqueness of document serial control e.g.,sales vouchers for product sales, spares and service support can be entered under separate series although these are all sales transactions.


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