Radix2’s offshore facility in India named “Strabus Software Solutions, Inc”, has been in existence since 1991 and also called Radix2-Strabus. Radix2-Strabus has over 120 people offering software services in India and around 50 people in USA. The company has been in the forefront of delivering quality and cost effective solutions for over 15 years to a large group of clients based in India and the US. Radix2-Strabus has obtained the ISO 9001 certifications in 2001 (SEI CMM level 3) and has successfully gone through 2 surveillance audits. Plans are also underway to launch the company towards achieving the CMM level 4 in the next 12 months.

Apart from software technology application development, the company has a rich line of products that cover financial services and manufacturing applications.

The offshore facility in India is a state of the art development center with a centralized intra-net network backbone based on CISCO routers and other network hardware and software including firewalls that control access both into the facility and to the outside world. The offshore facility also has a dedicated links to dial into Radix2’s facility in the US.

The company is ideally suited to handle large-scale offshore maintenance, development and enhancement projects at a very competitive cost, which could account for more than 50% savings in the long run. Radix2 with its partners successfully implemented several Paperless Office (Document Automation) solutions for state agencies and companies like Tax Authority of Columbia, Swedish Tax Authorities, HSBC, Audi, Toyota etc, Developed several portal/web services projects using .Net, Java, Microsoft and Oracle technologies for global client.

Domain expertise includes but not limited to: Government Agencies (Tax, HR, Revenue Department, and DMV etc.), Medical, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Insurance, Financial, Manufacturing and Transportation industries.

Offshore coordination team is staffed with senior managers with over 25 years of IT experience and having expertise in managing and implementing outsourced projects for more than a decade.

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