Retail (POS)
    The e-business approach in banking and financial services.

Whether your e-business plan involves expanding customer access or updating your legacy systems, you'll need to understand how it can best be implemented. After all, every solutions provider follows a different process for turning banks and capital markets companies into e-businesses.

The people of radix2 Global Solutions take a unique approach to e-business. We work alongside you, creating customized solutions that leverage the right services to address the specific needs of your organization. Our methodology combines an in-depth understanding of the financial services sector with a proven four-part process:

  • Transform business processes -- Transitioning customers to direct, Net-based access and streamlining workflow.
  • Build new e-business applications -- Developing key applications to enhance revenue opportunities and manage risk.
  • Run a scalable, available and secure environment -- Creating new systems, channels and capabilities to reduce handling of routine transactions.
  • Leverage knowledge and information -- Using existing customer information to broaden product and service offerings.

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