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No other aspect of e-business has garnered more attention than e-commerce. After all, consumers are expected to spend roughly $130 billion online in the next four years.
Taking advantage of e-commerce is much more than simply opening up a new, online sales channel. It's about using technology to streamline your business model, creating savings, and increasing efficiency. It's about lowering costs and establishing closer, more responsive relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners.


Revolutionizing e-commerce

e-commerce has evolved from consumers conducting basic transactions on the Web, to a complete retooling of the way partners, suppliers and customers transact. Now you can link dealers and suppliers online, reducing both lag time and paperwork. You can move procurement online by setting up an extranet that links directly to vendors, cutting inventory carrying costs and becoming more responsive to your customers. You can streamline your financial relationships with customers and suppliers by Web-enabling billing and payment systems.
In an increasingly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment, radix2 helps you to maximize your business's ability to deepen and secure trading relationships with your customers and suppliers, and to prepare you to quickly take advantage of new opportunities.


Get there first with the right strategy

More than ever before success belongs to those who can get to market first. So you'll want options, depending on your needs, such as outsourcing and hosting capabilities, or buying a tailored solution that you can readily install, or building a comprehensive strategic plan first. And you'll want consultancy experience in your industry, not just IT experience. Moreover, you'll need a partner who has the integration skills to ensure you can build on any of your existing systems and grow across platforms as needs change.


r a d i x2 can help you get there

radix2 provides the full breadth of global consulting, solutions and services required to support your e-commerce implementation requirements. We are strongly committed to delivering the flexibility and open-industry standards needed to preserve your investments and maximize your long-term benefits from this new and revolutionizing business approach. We've successfully designed and implemented solutions for a wide range of business types and sizes. Working with you, we can customize e-commerce solutions that let you realize a return on your investment quickly.

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