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Without the need to first structure a team, leverage our staff directly and solve your development and programming needs. You come out of the experience with a complete functional development solution to your problem, with continued support for any questions that may arise afterwards.


Business Integration is the alignment of an enterprise's people, processes, and technology with its strategy. It enables organizations to achieve best business performance. Our clients receive optimal value through business integration.

We understand each component of a major change initiative, from the initial strategic implications through helping people understand and embrace the change. Whether we are helping clients enter new markets; introducing or redesigning existing business processes or systems; or orchestrating shifts in values, styles, attitudes and behaviors, our goal is to help clients achieve business integration.

At Radix2 Global, Inc., we recruit people who have industry knowledge and experience, and support them with extensive training and sales tools. The bottom-line? We make sure professionals who work in their industries every day serve our clients.

Our consulting technicians function as a unit, providing specialized skills including project management, programming, quality assurance and documentation to supplement in your development effort based on time and material.

Strategy, Change Management, Process and Technology...How are they related?

The Strategy Competency assists clients in formulating business strategies and aligning their organization, business process and information technology architectures with these strategies.

The Change Management Competency focuses on human behavior, performance, motivation, culture and organizational structure. It helps clients implement and sustain change by diagnosing; anticipating, measuring and managing business-driven change programs.

The Process Competency applies process design principles, "best practices" and information technology to design and implement processes to achieve outcomes that deliver value.

The Technology Competency identifies, develops and applies leading information technologies to bring about improved business performance.

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